Painting service

I have been professionally painting miniatures for several years, mostly Warmachine & Hordes, but also Warhammer and Warhammer 40K armies, Infinity the game models and board games minis as well. I am always looking for new challenge and share my passion for miniatures. It is possible to choose between three painting levels and mix them as you like.

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Painting levels

TableTop aka TT – LEVEL 1 BASIC

Low budget and short time – perfect for massive infantry armies, that will make a good impression as a one piece altogether on the opposite side of the gameboard. Your miniatures will get rich colors – two to three primary colors and all important details painted, as well as assembling and basing. Metal miniatures are always pinned when needed.




This is a default painting service, most of the miniatures are painted at this level. Best balance between cost, quality and time. Armies painted at this level will surely stand out and bring lots of attention. By adding extra layers, special effects like weathering, OSL, NMM, some simple freehands and conversions (to avoid clones).




Highly recommended for miniatures to stand out! This painting level will leave you with lots of “CAN I TOUCH IT?!!!” – each army need those miniatures that are sweet cherry on cake. Single miniatures painted this way will get everything that is possible to focus all the attention and kill off’ all the others.

Example pricing in EURO

Many different factors affects the final price, so each commission is treated and calculated during individual discussion. Below you can find estimated prices.























*Magnetized bases or metal trays are also available free of charge, you just have to
**Miniatures can be bought by myself in one of Polish Hobby Stores after prepaid, or send
directly to me.
***Reasonable repairments after time are free of charge

Schedules and Turnaround Time

Usually it takes between 3 to 6 weeks for 50-75 points Warmachine/Hordes roster, 2000pts Warhammer/40k roster or 300pts Infinity list. Of course delays might happen but I always do my best to end the commission on target date, especcialy when some important tournament where you need miniatures is right behind the corner. However I do not take any responsibility for shipment delays.

Payments and Shipment

I do accept Paypal transfers or Direct Bank transfers. Once the payment is done miniatures will be shipped within 48h. Miniatures are carefully wrapped with tissues and bubble wrap packed into plastic or cupboard boxes whole package wrapped with stretch tape. Remember always make sure the package is not damaged before you accept it, if you are not sure open it with courier and make protocol if something is broken or badly damaged.

Shipment is always at the Customer’s expense, I always make sure to choose cheap and solid option, mostly Polish Post or DPD courier costs are between 4€ – 50€ depends on destiny Country and package weight, and usually takes 1-15 work days. Exact cost is always established before payment.

Duty payment is always at the Customer’s expense, after several years of services my customers never had to pay any but it is worth to mention.

After job is done and agreed by both parties I do not accept returns.


Feel free to contact me anytime and ask questions. I always supply customers with WIP photos to build up some hype up and discuss the ongoing work.

Facebook: Arcane Steam Studio or Marcin Ice-T Grzegorzek
Address: Rafowa 11, 43-300 Bielsko-Biala, Poland